The estate used to be part of the old ecclesiastical feudal hold of Renna dating from the 12th century, and was an old Arab rural home (Rendet gebuni), a sort of hermitage and fortified fortress dominating the sea serving as a defensive bastion against the incursions of Barbary pirates operating under the Turkish flagship their piracy activity in the Mediterranean. The Knights of the Order of San Giovanni, stationed in the nearby island of Malta, used the Convent structure in the first half of the 16th century. Recent restorations have revealed their passage through this place.

In the 18th century the Eremo was acquired by the Nifosì, a wealthy land-owner family of the plateau. The present heiress, Vincenza Jolanda Nifosì, has decided to restore it, and in this way continuing with the family tradition by opening the estate as a rural destination and personally managing it as a splendid 5-star hotel in Ragusa.