The Eremo della Giubiliana probably is the only hotel has got an archaeological site.

It is a small necropolis dates at V and III century B.C., it is situated in the northern part of the park.

The presence of the necropolis, with an old utility room of late Imperial age and Byzantine wall remains, shows the steady duration in the site of a Sicilian-Greek farm and later also of a fortified farm dates at ancient and Byzantine ages.

The Sovrintendente’s excavations BB.CC.AA. in the 1978 have spotlighted many things come from death materials of the necropolis like Sicilian ceramics of “Licodia-Eubea”, glass materials and bronze jewels of the II and III century A. C. and many other ceramic materials.

Nowadays all the area became the real archaeological park and the discovery material is exposed in our “Antiquarium” (next opening June 2008) will be shown to the guests would like to expand their knowledge about the fashinating story of our area that is rich in the eastern Sicilian cultural fields.