The central part of the fortified Eremo was restored keeping strictly as it was in the past, also in it’s original materials, its ancient pitch stone and limestone floorings and its furnishings have been maintained. The type of warm welcome is the one expected for an old Sicilian countryside residence, with its simple but refined ceremonial. It will get you involved by immediately making you feel at home. This is also due to the land owners direct management supported by a caring and professional staff, which guarantees the guests a discreet familiarity.

The rooms have been converted from the friars' cells, and have all the comforts, telephone, TV, air conditioning and private bathrooms, furnished with old Sicilian style furniture and original household goods which make them quite different from the usual hotel bedrooms.

The Eremo has Classic double rooms, spacious Superior rooms, Deluxe rooms, Suites and stone Cottages belonging to the estate.