Don Eusebio Restaurant

The cuisine of the Eremo, initially based around the sophisticated recipes of the nobility of the Hyblean Highlands and the produce of the Nifosì arable farm, evolved in 2009 into the Don Eusebio Restaurant. Fruit of the remarkable collusion which exists between Salvatore Mancini Nifosì (responsible for the general running of the family smallholding and the historical research of farm production and natural resources) and the Chef, the Don Eusebio presents itself as one of the freshest and most creative gastronomic innovations on the island.

The vigilant and accurate selection of prime local ingredients, the personal supervision of production and the re-establishing of ancient productive chains such as flour mills which traditionally stone grind quality grain, all enable the Chef to propose unique recipes for a prestigious yet critical cuisine which maintains a fine equilibrium between tradition, history and progress.