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Parco dei Mulini Ecoresort

Beautiful farm house starting from 140.000,00 Euro


The “ Parco dei Mulini” estate is an old property of Nifosì, a whealty land-owner family, set in the “Cava Misericordia” carsic valley of the “Misericordia” turrent , 0ne of the many small river that sign with their deep canyons the ragusa hyghlands. Located at only half a mile from the famous Unesco barocque town of Ragusa Ibla and to it easily connected trhough an asphalt road and a beautiful medieval walking path called “via dei mulini” (mills road) because in the valley there were many water mills of arabs origin where the farmers used to bring the hard wheat to make the famous flour.

The estate is set in the lowest part of the valley and is surrounded by the “parco forestale di Cava Misericordia” a Regional forestry park and it is the only private property inside the park. The estate it is all terracced with massive magnificent stone walls some of even 5,00 meters high belonging to the XV century, they are all connected by an impressive system of stone stairs and irrigation channels that take the water from the river to the terraces and to the mills to give the power to the stone wheel.

Once in the middle ages and up to the XIX century, the irrigated land was cultivated intensively with vegetables, tomatoes, water mellons, grapes and many variety of fruits trees like pommegranade and other essence of the arab age.

The valley it is even a treasure of biodiversity with many officinalis and aromatic herbs and more than 23 variety of wild and rare Orchids that the Eremo della Giubiliana uses to dry and prepare for their guests.

In the crystal clear water of the turrent it is still present the “macrostigma” trout fish, an endemic variety of trout (very rare and in estinction), plus the stone crabs (potamon Fluvialis), the scrhimps, and the original beatiful habitat of the Hibleus mountain river.

Starting from the north of the estate and following the turrent down to the Irminio River some miles to the southeast in the property are settled ten rural complex mainly antique mills or farmhouses dating between the XV up to the XIX century (seethe attached map).

They all are impressively built with beatiful stone walls, many are two storey buildings with a large volume and this because the antique mills needed space to store the hard wheat ; a grass road and many walking paths connect the rural complex and the entire estate.

The estate, a family property , was inherited by the last heir Vincenza Iolanda Nifosì , the landowner of the “Eremo della Giubiliana”, the famous five star luxury Hotel, and ten years ago started an eco-restoration project with the intent to bring the valley in the pristine condition after a century of decay and realize a private Park , il “Parco dei Mulini” and an eco-resort in the main rural complex of the estate (property 4).

The actual status of the property can be here summarized, the entire property has been fenced with a 3meters fence made in accordance to the forestry regulation, the terraces and the paths have been cleared and cultivated with traditional and organic method reintroducing antique cultivation like tobacco and sugar can( very few know that the sugar can was introduced by the arabs in sicily and spain in the XI century) , all the fruit trees, the carob trees and especially the olive trees has been lovely treated and in the past two years the century old olive trees of the “verdisi” variety gave an oil of exeptional caratteristics that have been successful bottled as “Olio dei Mulini”.

An executive project for the restoration of the biodiversity, ( the terraces and the stone walls, the irrigation channel, the walking path, birdwatching place ) of the estate was submitted and approved by the authorities and subject to a financing contest it will be financed by the “Regione Siciliana” for the amount of 400.000.00 € ; another executive project has been approved and the works are ready to start to restore and reuse the property 4 (see attached drawings) as five star eco-resort with a financing amount of 500.000,00 € and will be operated by the famous “Eremo della Giubiliana” five stars luxury hotel.


The idea belongs to the landowners that decided to share the estate with potential new owners salling nine of the ten rural complex to dedicated people with the culture and the passion for secluded, historical place immersed in the pristine nature of the Ragusa Highlands but just five minutes walking from the famous Unesco site of Ragusa Ibla.

The new owners that will be accurately selected with the help of the most exclusive real estate company will be part of a Club with the same interest for historical country house, nature preservation, wilderness and outdoor life, historical agricolture, historical houses, landscapes and antiquees and last but not least interest for the ”mediterranean lifestyle” and its warm enviroment and the simply exeptional food.

The new potential owners are going to buy one of the 9 rural house with the adjacent land, the road as well the walking path will be “condominium property”, each house will be sold in the actual condition with a restoration and reuse project as an Historical Country House made by the famous local firm “ Salv A Mancini Architects and Associates “ to be submitted for approval by local authorities. The firm will be responsible for the burocratic stages and after the approval will direct the recostruction work and will make all the work contract, measures, contractors account etc.

The landowner will be responsible for the restoration and maintenance of the main road and the walking path as for the maintenance of the entire property. The maintenance of the adjacent land to the sold property will be run by the land owner underpayment of an annual fees.

In the property 4 the restoration works are ready to start and will be completed by the landowner with 9 rooms each one with private gardens and outside Jacuzzi pool,a small hall, and a restaurant; after completion the small luxury ecoresort will be operated by the “Eremo della Giubiliana srl” that is a guarantee of professionalities and really successfull with the five stars luxury market , furthermore the reception will be connected to the other properties so that the new owners will relay on the reception for the many services that the five stars eco resort will give like restaurant reservation, cleaning and laundry services, room services, maintenance etc.

Electric car like in a Golf Club will be at disposal of the new owners as well a Golf Putting Green and an Horse riding fields, from the property departs many beautiful medieval paths that allows by foot, horses or mountain bike, to reach Ragusa Ibla, the Irminio river valley and Modica.

Like in a time share property the new owner could make an arrangement with the “Eremo della Giubiliana srl” and decide to give in use their country house as Hotel rooms of a diffused Eco Resort for some time during the year; this is a good opportunity for the potential owners since the real estate investment will be transformed in an almost productive investment.


We have already exposed the exeptional charatteristic of the estate but we want tofocus on some others that make this property unique.

The entire estate is settled inside the regional forestry park, furthermore it is protectedunder the level 3 of the “Piano paesaggistico regionale” this means that the area and his magnificent landscape is unchangeable and unthoucheable, a guarantee for the potential owners that nobody will build an estravagant villa in front of them the day after they buy the property (as usually happen in italy). Many rural complex of the estate are quite few meters from the turrent and in italy you are not allowed to build within 300 meters from the coast or rivers (in edificabilità assoluta).

This all means that those Historical properties are unique because the only one in the territory and their value will always increase along the time and especially with the consideration that the beautiful south east landscape is taking in the International real estate market, the “Ragusa Shire” is today a reality and consider even the exeptional craftmanship of our skilled artisan that make the restoration work an experience itself and the many opportunities in the cheap antiquees shop where you can buy many beatiful artefacts to furnish your new- antique Sicilian CountryHouse. You can easily live the final results of what we are talking , visiting the web site of the “Eremo della Giubiliana” resort, www.eremodellagiubiliana.com

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