• “Cava d'Ispica” - Visit this fascinating archeological site of ancient cave dwellings immersed in the wilderness. Half day trip, with a break for packed lunch in a shelter equipped with necessary amenieties.
  • “Old Noto and the ancient tanneries of Cava Carosello” This is a full day trip around the pre-earthquake Noto and the ancient tanneries of the quarry; includes a packed lunch and the opportunity to enjoy a swim in the river's natural rock pools.
  • “Cava Grande del Cassibile” Trek through the wilderness of the canyon in thi most impressive quarry of the hyblean mountain range, and finish off with a refreshing swim in the rivers's natural rock pools. Full day trip (including pocket lunch prepared by the Don Eusebio Restaurant chef.)
  • “Pantalica” Visit one the most prestigious of the prehistoric archeological sites in the Mediterranean area, “The Anaktoron” (the megalithic palace of king Hyblon) and hike across a quarry rich in biological diversity, one of the most uncontaminated and suggestive location in Sicily. It's also possible to bike through the woodland, take a bath in the natural rock pools and enjoy a picnic lunch prepared by the Don Eusebio restaurant chef.
  • The reservation is kindly requested on day before